Over 50% of Businesses Fail Within the First Five Years

Unlock Your Business Potential

with Nicki Chang-Powless

Discover what you may be missing with your marketing & how to attract more of your ideal clients.

Does this sound familiar?

“How do I get more clients? Where do I find them?”

“I’ve tried all these different ways to market my business, how come I am not getting clients?”

“There are too many choices! Out of all the different ways to market my business, which strategies are best for me?”

“What am I doing wrong? I can’t seem to get people to buy my product or service.”

“I’ve spent a lot of money on different marketing activities with little to show for it. How do I get a better return on my investment?”

You are not alone

These are common struggles with many entrepreneurs.


  • Getting more clients with less effort so you can generate more revenue in your business and run a thriving business!
  • Having more time to do what you are most passionate about – working with clients and enjoying life!
  • Having the financial freedom to live the lifestyle you desire!

Nicki Chang-Powless is a Client Attraction Specialist supporting coaches, course creators, and professional service providers (accountants, lawyers, medical, health and wellness) to STAND OUT and attract more of their ideal clients with ease!

She identifies the marketing strategy that will get the best return on investment and how to get there FAST!

Work less, make more.

Keys to Marketing Success & How to Get More Clients

Your Marketing Message

A powerful message will naturally attract more of your ideal clients with less effort!

Your Marketing Masterplan

Choose the right marketing strategy for your business to give you the best return on investment.

Your Business Systems

Simplify your business with systems to give consistent results and allow for more profitability.

Not sure where to start?

With limited time and money, find out how to get the biggest bang for your buck! You will get fresh insights on how to attract more of your ideal clients.

Why Work With NCP Consulting?

Find out what people are saying about NCP’s award-winning programs for business success…

Nearly Doubled Income in 1 Year!

I had been in business for ten years, and it really was more of a hobby than a business. I was at the crossroads – do I stay or do I go?

NCP and Nicki took my business, gave it a really good shake-up, tore it apart and built a business to be proud of. It truly was what my business needed.

NCP was a life-changer. They took it from almost closing to nearly doubling our income in one year! My business now delivers more value to our clients. Amazing, simply amazing!

Helene Wood

President, Advance Insurance Educational Services Inc.

It’s About the Strategies

NCP has changed our lives!  We felt like we were spinning our wheels.  After working with NCP, we now feel more focused & a whole lot less stressed! NCP’s ability to be able to listen to our concerns and then help us understand and implement strategies that work amazes us every time we talk with them! 

We’ve worked with a number of coaches in the past, but what we really needed was the business strategies that NCP has to offer. 

Keltie & Stan Masters

Back to Nature Retreat, Water Valley, AB

Fast Results!

In just an hour, it helped me spot my top 3 blind spots and gave me some awesome ideas to start tackling them. Nicki’s clear examples and simple language made figuring out the next steps for my business a breeze. Big thanks to Nicki!

Liz Urbina

Diet-Free Conscious Eating Academy