Built From a Passion for Supporting Small Businesses

NCP Consulting Services was founded in 2015 by Nicki Chang-Powless when small business owners approached her for help with their struggling business. She quickly recognized that what she learned from her extensive corporate background was not common knowledge among the small business community.

Large organizations have a board of directors to guide the company. These skills are not readily available to the small business owner. NCP is unique in that they take a holistic approach to the business and assist in building systems in all aspects of a company that leads to consistent results.

Today NCP has a team of Business Strategists that work with small businesses, from sales & marketing strategies to running efficient operations.

At NCP Consulting, our vision is to provide a supportive environment that allows small businesses to flourish. With over 50% of businesses failing within the first five years, we want to provide them with an easy-to-follow road map to their success.  

We simplify the parts of running a business most small business owners don’t like, so they can focus their time & passion on what makes their business unique.

Our Customer Care ​Goals are:

  • To make all our clients, vendors and team members feel important, valued and appreciated.  They are a voice that will always be heard.  All opinions are respected.
  • To be fully committed to serving our clients to the best of our abilities
  • To embrace diversity in culture, experience, learning styles, etc.

We will continually improve our process to enhance the client experience!


Entrepreneur of the Year at the Business from the Heart Awards


Best New Business Venture Award at the SuPEARLative Gala


Amazon Bestselling Author of “Putting the Pieces Together: Your Survival Guide to the First Five Years in Business


Nominee for Entrepreneur of the Year at the Business from the Heart Awards

Our Methodology

Each business has different needs & it’s not always one size fits all.

Our programs are all based on NetCP – Network, Collaborate and Profit: Building your team & support network in a collaborative environment is your key to achieving profitability. You are not alone.

RADAR© is our 5-step system designed to be your onboard Business GPS:


Where are you now & where do you want to go?


Look at all your options. How does one decision impact the rest of the organization? 

Develop a Plan

Create a Road Map that is easy for you to follow.


Implement the tasks on your Road Map.


There are always detours.
Regularly assess your Road Map and make course corrections.

Built from a passion for supporting small businesses.

Get to know our team. 

Gain Clarity and Focus!

I recommend that every business owner, whether feeling confident or starting from scratch, hire NCP to gain clarity and increase focus at every business stage. 

Catherine Saykaly-Stevens

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