Your Marketing Masterplan

The most common mistake small business owners make in marketing is choosing the wrong marketing activity.

Marketing is not one size fits all!

Just because one marketing strategy works for one company doesn’t mean it will work for everyone.

When you take the time to develop a Marketing Masterplan that is right for YOU, then you will be able to get more clients and get your best return on investment.

“There are too many choices!”

Yes, there are.

Let us help you identify which ones are right for you.

PLUS, the NCP programs will support you to…

  • Get it done faster
  • Get it done right
  • Just get it done!


I had previously worked with 2 coaches as well as attended several programs run by well-known persons in the self-education world. They always told us to pick “something you know” and stick with it; that I could change later. They told us to post on social media and to do free challenges (workshops) to attract clients for our chosen subject and designated target client base.

No matter what I wrote or posted, there was a low response. The same thing happened when I offered free workshops. As a successful professional who holds a master’s degree, this was disheartening, and I was ready to give this all up.

Nicki was the first person to say, let’s look at what you are posting and who you are doing it for. It was the first time someone tied concepts together so that I could start to understand the process and my choice of subject. I had the opportunity to evaluate why the postings and challenges weren’t working.

In just 90 minutes Nicki’s process uncovered so much. I realized why what I was doing wasn’t working. What Nicki is doing for me is something that is extremely valuable and should have been done a long time ago.

For the first time in over a year I feel like I am on the right path.

Carolyn Cahn

Career Coach

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